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MIHE’s Objectives

  • Encourage new inter-disciplinary understandings of the social, economic, cultural, political and bio-physical forces that lead to health inequities – “the causes of the causes” (Sir Michael Marmot[1]);
  • To investigate health inequities, and use research to achieve health equity, across but not limited to, income, class, employment status, gender, language, race, and ethnicity, from the local to the global levels
  • Take leadership in encouraging evidence-based action on health inequities by:
    • Advancing research capacity at McMaster in health equity, building upon existing interests, expertise and data held by McMaster faculty, partners and students across all faculties
    • Promoting innovative research that investigates the production of health and redresses health inequities, from cell to society, across the life course
  • Developing a body of expertise in evidence focusing on interventions that work towards reducing health inequities and promoting health equity” Engage and support decision-makers and knowledge users at all levels in efforts to operationalize, through evidence-based action and ensuing rigorous evaluation, commitments to health equity
  • Stimulate and support knowledge mobilization, student engagement and collaborative partnerships from local to global contexts


[1] CSDH (2008). Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity Through Action on The Social Determinants of Health. Final Report of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health. Geneva, World Health Organization.

Our Team

Jim Dunn


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Marisa Young

Theme Leader, Mental Health

Lindsay Godard
Lindsay Godard


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Fran Scott

Special Advisor on Public Health

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Theme Leader, Child Development