Helping lead the way in Health Equity research

Current Research Priorities

MIHE brings together McMaster researchers across many disciplines to produce and mobilize knowledge on issues that affect health equity. Our current areas of focus are:

  • Housing
  • Income Security and Health
  • Racism in Healthcare

We review these areas of focus periodically and the list will evolve over time.

Research Framework

The Institute is action-oriented, with a strong focus on knowledge mobilization. Drawing on models that conceptualize how research can inform the policy-making process, the Institute focuses on activities in several domains of activity:

  • Discovery-based and agenda-setting research, with scholarly research and innovation directed towards the needs of knowledge users and policy-makers;
  • Policy formulation, which involves developing policy options to address a problem;
  • Policy decision-making, where research is used to assess policy options that will yield the best possible outcomes;
  • Policy implementation, which may include building evidence-based tools to be used in the administration of a new program; and
  • Evaluation, where policies and programs are evaluated for their effectiveness.

While the bulk of University activity is typically in the discovery and agenda-setting stage, there is considerable expertise at McMaster that can be brought to bear on the other activities to enhance the impact of research on health equity.