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Welcome to the McMaster Institute for Healthier Environments.  The goal of the Institute is to facilitate, promote and publish environment and health research, and to share our expertise with the community.

Since its inception, the Institute has been engaged in interdisciplinary and innovative research studying the complex relationships between the environment and human health.  We recognize that environments and health are multi-dimensional.  Environments, broadly defined, are the environments in which we live, work and play.  Health goes beyond the absence of disease to encompass multiple aspects of physical, social and emotional well-being and functioning.

In the 1990s, amid growing awareness of environmental issues, the McMaster Institute for Environment and Health was established to promote and encourage interdisciplinary research across McMaster faculties, and between researchers at McMaster and other universities.

In 2014, the Institute was relaunched as the McMaster Institute for Healthier Environments.  The Institute had always had close relationships with policy and decision makers in government. In its present form, a core focus of the Institute is knowledge mobilization.  The Institute supports McMaster’s faculty members in becoming thought leaders and catalysts for change in their areas of expertise.  The Institute is also committed to promoting interdisciplinary capacity and collaboration, by organizing research around emerging themes.  Currently, these theme areas are the Built Environment, Children, and Healthier Public Policy.

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