Please join us on November 17 at 2pm for the next MIHE Health Equity seminar, featuring Dr. Pat O’Campo. Affordable and stable housing are being described as being in crisis across many North American cities. This is particularly true for women. This seminar will explore why women are at greater risk for housing precarity and how can we design effective solutions to provide the right supports. 

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Dr. O’Campo is Professor of Public Health & Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Population Health Intervention Research. Dr. O’Campo’s work focuses on upstream determinants of health, quantifying the impacts of structural issues and social programs, and working to propose concrete solutions. She has expanded the knowledge base on community-based solutions to urban health inequities. Her scholarship in intimate partner violence spans 30 years and includes use of mobile apps to prevent partner violence including during the COVID-19 pandemic and creating gender-transformative housing for women fleeing violent relationships.

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