TBEP S2 1 | Housing Affordability

Ripple Effects

  There’s a looming housing affordability crisis here in Canada, affecting more than just home ownership. The escalating housing price has had a ripple effect on renters that feels more like a tsunami, and people are finding it harder to acquire homes even with a middle-class income. How much more is it affecting the lower-income…

TBEP 5 | Eviction Prevention

Preventing Evictions in Community Housing With Damian Collins

One of the main goals of community housing is to provide more affordable homes for those in need and, ultimately, to help them keep those homes. But what are the eviction prevention practices in place that people can rely on when the going gets tough? In today’s episode, Cynthia Belaskie and Robbie Brydon are joined by Dr. Damian Collins of the University of Alberta. Damian is involved in research with Community Housing Canada and recently published the article, “When We Do Evict Them, It’s a Last Resort”: Eviction Prevention in Social and Affordable Housing. He discusses various eviction prevention strategies and draws some comparisons between what’s at stake in the community housing sector versus the private sector when it comes to being evicted. He also breaks down the six major challenges the community housing sector faces, coined as the “areas of inquiry.” Join their discussion as Damian iterates the importance of housing not only for those in need but in the development of society at large.